Phase 2 — Step 4: On-site Review

We look forward to meeting you! A member of our team will be in touch to book your on-site review. The goal of this visit is for an EQI team to observe your facility on a regular day of operation.

EQI Program Staff will:

  1. Assign reviewers to conduct your on-site review.

    All Reviewers are experienced Cardiac Sonographers with extensive knowledge of the EQI Program, patient safety and the demands placed upon Echocardiography facilities and your staff.

    If you have questions or concerns about the reviewer assigned to your facility, please contact us at
  2. Scheduling of on-site review.

    The length of the visit can vary depending on the size of your facility. While physical distancing is in effect, we will also schedule a virtual assessment to be completed in the days prior to the on-site visits. Smaller facilities may take one day, whereas a large academic facility may take several days. The Medical and Technical Directors must be present and available during the site visit.

    All echocardiography facilities/sites are assessed. 
  3. On-site review.

    The EQI on-site reviewer will use a combination of virtual and in-person techniques to complete the assessment of your echocardiographic facility. They will observe each of the modalities the facility conducts (TTE, SE and/or TEE) being performed. Reviewers focus on patient safety, image acquisition protocols, scheduling, communication, patient management and confidentiality.

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