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National Medical Laboratory Week 2024: Behind Every Patient

By Editor on 4/14/2024

Join us in celebrating National Medical Laboratory Week 2024, from April 14 to 20, as we honour the dedication of Medical Laboratory Professionals (MLPs) who enable safe, high-quality health care every day. 

This year the Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science (CSMLS) is shining a spotlight on the MLPs who are ‘Behind Every Patient’, dedicating their expertise to meet the demands of the evolving health care system.  

William Osler Health System upgrades to ISO 15189 Plus™ accreditation

By Editor on 3/21/2024

We are pleased to announce that the Point-of-Care service at William Osler Health System – Withdrawal Management Centre has achieved ISO 15189 Plus™ accreditation. In choosing this option, the facility sends a clear signal of commitment to quality for staff, patients, and other healthcare providers.

Are You an Advocate for Quality and Safety? Become an Integrated Community Health Services Centres Diagnostics Decision Panel member

By Editor on 3/20/2024

Accreditation Canada is assembling a team of active and experienced volunteers for the Integrated Community Health Services Centres (ICHSC) Diagnostics Decision Panel.

Joining the Accreditation Canada team as an ICHSC Decision Panel member presents a unique opportunity to enhance health care quality and patient care in Ontario. By leveraging your expertise and commitment to excellence, you will play an integral role in helping community surgical and diagnostic centres to meet and exceed quality standards.


Advancing Pediatric Cardiology Care: Accreditation Canada's EQI Pilot Program

By Editor on 3/18/2024

In 2023, Accreditation Canada’s Echocardiography Quality Improvement (EQI) team embarked on a new accreditation initiative aimed at enhancing the quality of care for pediatric cardiology patients. Even with the successful implementation of an adult echocardiography (echo) accreditation program in Ontario, a similar program tailored for the pediatric population was noticeably lacking. Recognizing the importance of implementing comparable quality standards and elevate care for this population, the EQI team initiated a volunteer pilot program in early 2024 to assess pediatric echocardiography facilities. 


Get Involved: Become a Diagnostic Assessor for Integrated Community Health Services Centres

By Editor on 3/8/2024
Accreditation Canada Kicks Off a Call for Assessors as Ontario Prepares to Expand Public Access to Community Surgical and Diagnostic Centres

Accreditation Canada is assembling a team of active and experienced assessors who are committed to continuous learning, peer evaluation and and leading health quality improvement across Ontario’s Integrated Community Health Services Centres (ICHSC).


Weeneebayko General Hospital upgrades to ISO 15189 Plus™ accreditation

By Editor on 2/2/2024

Recording available: Virtual information session on EQI program standards

By Editor on 12/18/2023

On November 29, 2023, Accreditation Canada’s Echocardiography Quality Improvement (EQI) team, in collaboration with the Ontario Association of Cardiologists (OAC), hosted a well-attended virtual information session on EQI Program Standards. Participants striving to meet accreditation standards in Cardiology labs (hospital and private facilities) engaged in this annual interactive session with EQI experts. The collaborative efforts of EQI and OAC teams have led to an accreditation program that prioritizes the needs of both patients and medical practitioners.

Clinical Laboratory Diagnostic Centre, University Hospital achieves ISO 15189 Plus™ accreditation

By Editor on 11/14/2023

University Hospital’s Clinical Laboratory Diagnostic Centre is committed to provide clinicians and patients with high-quality services demonstrated by their recent achievement of ISO 15189 Plus™ accreditation. Located on the Macau University of Science and Technology campus at the Cotai area, University Hospital is the only medical system in Macau that combines clinical, teaching, and research support. With a team of experts from around the world, state-of-the-art medical and diagnostic equipment, the organization’s mission is to be a trusted health partner for its patients, and is committed to providing the best possible medical and diagnostic care for the community.

Medical Laboratory
ISO 15189 Plus

Canadian Patient Safety Week 2023: Small changes. Big impact. Safer Care

By Editor on 11/14/2023
Medical Laboratory
Canadian Patient Safety Week
Healthcare Excellence Canada
safer care

Prince of Wales Hospital achieves ISO 15189 Plus™ accreditation

By Editor on 10/18/2023
Medical Laboratory
ISO 15189 Plus
lab accreditation
medical laboratory accreditation

Version 5 of the Diagnostic Imaging Accreditation Requirements now available!

By Editor on 10/5/2023
Diagnostic Imaging
AC Diagnostics
Accreditation Canada
accreditation requirements
Diagnostic Imaging

Sonography Week 2023: Recognizing those who make a difference in health care

By Editor on 10/2/2023
Diagnostic Imaging
AC Diagnostics
Accreditation Canada
health care
Sonography Week
Sonography Week 2023

Healthcare Excellence Canada: Workforce Innovation Challenge is a commitment to improving patient and workforce safety

By Editor on 9/13/2023
Diagnostic Imaging
Medical Laboratory
Healthcare Excellence Canada
Healthy Workplace
Workforce Innovation Challenge
workforce safety

Call for Accreditation Advisory Panel Applications 2024 

By Editor on 9/8/2023
Medical Laboratory
Accreditation Canada
Accreditation Canada Diagnostics
Advisory Panel

Version 9 of the Medical Laboratory Accreditation Requirements now available!

By Editor on 6/9/2023
Medical Laboratory
accreditation requirements
medical laboratory
medical laboratory accreditation
medical laboratory requirements

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