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We can work with you to arrange a personal virtual training session for your group. Benefit from the magic that happens when multiple team members learn together. We’ve successfully delivered each of our offerings in a variety of settings. Past sessions include:

  • Risk Management in Kenora, Orillia, King City, Barrie and Peterborough
  • Quality Management Blueprint in Owen Sound
  • Internal Auditing in Stratford, Orillia and Kitchener
  • Document Development and Control in Orillia
  • Cause Analysis in Stratford, Peterborough and St. John’s 
  • Virtual Internal Auditing for London
  • Virtual Document Development and Control for Kitchener

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Education that inspires purposeful action

Registration is now open for the following 2023 Education Virtual Courses.
* Early bird price applies up to one month before each session start date. Subject to change without notice.

A New Outlook on Internal Auditing

Protection from Risk — Practical Solutions

Quality Management Blueprint for Lab and Diagnostic Imaging Leaders

Preparing for Diagnostics Accreditation

The Art of Investigating Non-Conformities

Document Development & Control

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AC Diagnostics is a group of diagnostics assessment programs offered byAccreditation Canada.