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Celebrating national volunteer week: Laurie Sweeting, medical laboratory accreditation assessor

By Editor on 4/20/2021

Laurie SweetingLaurie Sweeting is a medical laboratory technologist (MLT) with further education in health services management and public administration. Laurie has had the opportunity to work with numerous laboratory teams in major academic hospitals. Through her work at the Ontario Ministry of Health (MOH) and Cancer Care Ontario (CCO), Laurie has helped shape provincial laboratory policies and programs. She is currently the director of operations and quality manager at In-Common Laboratories (ICL), a not-for-profit laboratory and broker of laboratory tests that provides test referral services upon which Ontario laboratories depend. Laurie notes that ICL services have recently expanded to work with pharmacists to support the COVID-19 response.

Laurie has been a medical laboratory accreditation assessor since the beginning of the program. “I continue to participate because it is rewarding to see my fellow laboratory professionals taking such pride and delight in the improvements they are continually making in their labs for the benefit of their clients and patients.”

Accreditation Canada Diagnostics is grateful for the commitment and support of the medical diagnostics community and we appreciate our volunteers who donate their time and valuable expertise to our programs.  Thank you, Laurie!

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