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Term: Diagnostic Imaging
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Accreditation Canada Diagnostics anticipated release of version 9 requirements

By Editor on 2/3/2023

Business people seated around a tableEvery three years, in December, Accreditation Canada Diagnostics (formerly IQMH) releases a new version of its accreditation requirements. We are currently preparing Version 9 of the accreditation requirements but anticipate a release date of spring 2023.

Diagnostic Imaging
Medical Laboratory
AC Diagnostics
Accreditation Canada Diagnostics
Diagnostic Imaging
medical laboratory

Celebrating Medical Radiation Technologist Week

By Editor on 11/8/2021

MRT Week 2021Medical radiation technologists (MRTs) play an essential role in the healthcare system, delivering professional imaging and radiation-related treatment services with a caring touch, allowing patients to fully benefit from the latest in medical diagnostic and treatment technology.

Diagnostic Imaging
AC Diagnostics
Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists
Diagnostic Imaging
MRT Week
MRT Week 2021

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AC Diagnostics is a group of diagnostics assessment programs offered byAccreditation Canada.