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Canadian Patient Safety Week 2023: Small changes. Big impact. Safer Care

By Editor on 11/14/2023
Medical Laboratory
Canadian Patient Safety Week
Healthcare Excellence Canada
safer care

Healthcare Excellence Canada: Workforce Innovation Challenge is a commitment to improving patient and workforce safety

By Editor on 9/13/2023
Diagnostic Imaging
Medical Laboratory
Healthcare Excellence Canada
Healthy Workplace
Workforce Innovation Challenge
workforce safety

Canadian Patient Safety Week

By Editor on 10/26/2021

Canadian Patient Safety Week 2021Canadian Patient Safety Week (CPSW) is an annual campaign that began in 2005 to inspire improvement in patient safety and quality. This initiative is now part of the newly amalgamated Healthcare Excellence Canada, an organization which works with patients and other partners to deliver lasting improvement in patient safety and experience, work life of healthcare providers, value for money and the health of everyone in Canada.

Diagnostic Imaging
Medical Laboratory
Canadian Patient Safety Week
Essential Care Partners
Healthcare Excellence Canada

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