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Accreditation Canada and IQMH announce the retirement of President, Jeff Sumner

By Editor on 3/11/2021

Jeff SumnerPlease join us in extending our best wishes to IQMH President, Jeff Sumner, who is retiring on March 31, 2021. Jeff has been leading IQMH since 2017 and has dedicated his career to improving the quality of medical laboratories across the country for many years.

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AC Diagnostics
Accreditation Canada

Excellence Canada’s Healthy Workplace Great Employer Award

By Editor on 12/17/2020
Diagnostic Imaging
Medical Laboratory
Accreditation Canada
Excellence Canada
Healthy Workplace

IQMH Centre for Accreditation is now part of the Accreditation Canada family as Accreditation Canada Diagnostics

By Editor on 11/30/2020

On November 30, 2020, IQMH and Accreditation Canada moved forward with their planned integration by welcoming the IQMH Centre for Accreditation to the Accreditation Canada family. IQMH Centre for Accreditation has been rebranded as Accreditation Canada (AC) Diagnostics. The IQMH Centre for Education and Echocardiography (EQI) services are also part of this transfer, while the IQMH Centre for Proficiency Testing remains within IQMH as a controlled affiliate of Accreditation Canada.

Diagnostic Imaging
Medical Laboratory
Accreditation Canada
Accreditation Canada Diagnostics

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AC Diagnostics is a group of diagnostics assessment programs offered byAccreditation Canada.