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Senior Leadership

John McGrawDr. John McGraw, Acting Executive Director, Specialized Accreditation Programs

Dr. John McGraw is a leader adept at driving product and service transformation to create value across all phases of the product life cycle. He excels in orchestrating the development and commercialization of early-stage products, while spearheading organizational metamorphoses for targeted organic expansion and M&A activities.  John has significant expertise in strategy, sales, marketing, acquisitions, and product launches as a senior executive at Canadian health services providers and medical device companies.  His strategic guidance extends from academia to major pharmaceutical firms, augmented by extensive diagnostic-imaging experience in the device sector. John’s academic foundation in neuroscience complements his hands-on laboratory research experience, reinforcing his ability to drive innovation and excellence. 

Mayank KhannaMayank Khanna, Director, AC Diagnostics

Mayank is a strategic business professional with 10+ years of leadership experience in biotechnology and the healthcare sector. During this time, he has provided consultation on healthcare quality improvement, fostered strategic business partnerships and commercialized niche technologies targeted towards pharmaceuticals, clinical diagnostics, and healthcare IT. 

His career has spanned from managing cancer research projects in the laboratory to conducting market development across North America and Asia Pacific. Mayank has worked with both start-ups and large established firms, led multi-stakeholder project teams, and received numerous awards for his professional achievements. 

He holds a Master’s degree in biotechnology and an MBA in Healthcare Strategy and Marketing from the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto.

Julie CoffeyJulie Coffey, Senior Program Advisor, AC Diagnostics

Julie Coffey is a Medical Laboratory Technologist, certified Quality Auditor, and a certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence. She has played a key role in the development of the accreditation program and its requirements since its inception in 2000, and to date has coordinated and conducted over 150 assessments of medical laboratories using the ISO 15189 standard in four Canadian provinces. She participates in international meetings and sits on committees associated with the Asia Pacific Accreditation Cooperation and with ISO. Julie is on a mission to help laboratory and diagnostic imaging professionals create processes that are purposeful, inclusive and that infuse a new outlook on quality.

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AC Diagnostics is a group of diagnostics assessment programs offered byAccreditation Canada.